Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ham Examination in Vijayawada in December 2012

We would like to share some of the information regarding ham radio examination which is due for some time in Vijayawada. Despite of our continuous efforts we couldn’t able to scout a suitable date for conduct of the examination in the month of October which is supposed to be the schedule of WPC authorities. Even though the monitoring station authorities have given the 2, 3 options for conduct of examination i.e., 3rd and 22nd of October and expressed their readiness to conduct the examination. We couldn’t able to take a decision due to the fact that all most all the Students are busy in different academic activities in October.

There are several  hard ships that we have faced in  zeroing  in on a suitable date for conduct of Ham examination and which is supposed to be acceptable to all. V.R. Siddhartha engineering being autonomous college it is having its own academic plan and the same is for KL University where from some students/professors are applied for the exam. Apart from this, all the 3rd year students of VR Siddhartha  are going to All India Industrial  tour from 18th on wards and they are expected to return only after 15 days. More or less all the students of VR Siddhartha are going to be busy from 8th October onwards and then preparing themselves for the All India industrial tour which is part and parcel of their academic activity.

 Different academic schedules of different colleges and universities and other academic activities which have hampered us to take a decision for conducting the exam in the month of October and we are left with no other option.  Taking all these things into the consideration Ham Radio examination is proposed to be conducted any suitable date of December 2012 which is the next schedule of month for the conduct of Ham examination. The exact date shall be announced later.For any further information you may be get in touch with me through my mobile 9248346843 --- Ramesh