Thursday, 1 January 2015

Ham Radio Repeater in Vijayawada

A fully Professional Commercial Ham Radio repeater cum Duplexer with all other accessories is all set to ready to be installed on the Hilltop of “Gunadala”. Now it is being put in testing mode and its antenna is presently installed at a height of 100 feet from the ground level.  With this height itself, it is working fine and once after installation on the hilltop i.e. 750 feet approximate from the ground level can caters the needs of Ham’s in and around of Vijayawada.One more significant factor of this repeaters is  it  going to be connected round the clock to ecolink that makes it  accessible to have a global communication.

This long cherishing dream is going to be fulfilled with the initiative and support of Chandana Kedarish VU2JME. The frequency of this Repeaters transmitter is 145.550 Mhz and the Receiver frequency is 144.950Mhz. Vijayawada is being a biggest Railway junction; the Ham’s passing through this city can try to trigger the repeater.

This coming Repeater covers all most all “Krishna and Guntur Districts” now the area falls under the newly carved capital City of Andhra Pradesh and also capable of covering most parts of neighboring West Godavari and Khammam Districts and some parts of Ongole and East Godavari districts.

“Vijayawada” city is being centrally located in the entire State and hence it was selected as new capital area of Andhra Pradesh. A hill named “Gunadala” is almost situated in the middle part of the city with an estimated height of 750 feet. It’s considered to be a very vital point for communication which covers larger area and it is like a “God’s gift” of the Hams “in and around” of Vijayawada.A Small low powered VHF Handy is enough to trigger the upcoming repeater from any corner the of City. 

With the advent of VHF walky talkies available plenty for cheaper rates every ham can affords to have VHF handy and enjoys the Ham Communication.  More than 500 Licensed Ham Radio operators of this area sure to join in the bandwagon of Ham for strengthening the activity and   this is sure to triggers the Biggest Ham Radio movement in the newly carved capital city area of Andhra Pradesh. 

       A. Ramesh Babu, VU2RDM