Saturday, 5 March 2016

District Collector's formal approval for the installation of Ham Radio Repeater on the hill top of Gunadala, Vijayawada.

Meeting with the Krishna District Collector 

We would like to share a piece of information with all of our friends and well-wishers through this Blog that we had a meeting with the District Collector Mr. Babu Ahmed on 4th this month and made a fervent appeal to him for the grant of permission to install the Ham Radio Repeater Equipment on the hill top of Gunadala. We informed the collector that The Repeater with all the relevant equipment was already purchased few months back and kept ready for the installation by the hams of Vijayawada with the generous financial assistance of a local Ham “Chandana Kedarish”. District Collector responded positively and aggrieved in principal to the request and instructed concerned authorities to carry on with the other proceedings which are essential for according permission. We are hoping this will become a reality in a couple of days.

Nowadays Ham Radio walkie talkies are available for much cheaper rates than the cellphones. A Ham Radio hand held transceiver is available in international market around Rs 2000/= each with which one can communicate to a shorter distance of 5 to 10 km range. If the Repeater is installed on the hill top of Gunadala the range of these handheld transceivers automatically extends to the radius of 120 to 150 km. We are planning to connect the Repeater to the internet using revolutionary technology “Eco link” in which web based communication, is used that enhances this range to global level.

We have been continuously providing Ham Radio training to the students and other interested people for the last 30 years. As a result of which hundreds of people are having valid Ham Radio License and they are scattered around the hill. No other city in India is having such type advantageous situation in which right in the middle of the city A hill like 750 feet Gunalda with hundreds of Hams residing surrounding of it.

If the Dream of the repeater becomes a reality more number of Hams come forward to purchase equipment which are available around Rs 2500/= in the international market much cheaper than the ordinary Cell phones. With all these developments entire area becomes center pool of Ham Radio operators and transforms AP State capital in to a true Global Science City.Also, It attracts more number of students and youth to join in this activity whose services are valuable at State and National level Disasters.

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A. Ramesh Babu
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