Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Model letter for applying grant of "Ham Radio" License

Very happy to note the formalities with regard to issue of “Ham Radio licenses of most of “137 candidates”, of Academy of Ham Radio Vijayawada, have been completed. Already some of the applicants have received letters from the WPC, New Delhi informing them of their decision to grant Amateur Radio License.

We are getting numerous calls from the candidates expressing the procedure to be followed for applying grant of Amateur Radio license once after the receipt of such clearance letter from the WPC, New Delhi.

My suggestion to those individual aspirants, who already received the consent letter from the WPC,  respond quickly and   not to make any further delay in applying for Ham Radio License, lest it may further cause abnormal delay in grant of licenses.

For the benefit of the applicants here under I am publishing one model letter that may be followed while applying for grant of Amateur License. Any further information in this regarding, you may contact through my mobile: 92483 46843.    
  "Model letter for applying  grant of Ham License."


                                                                                                                             A. Ramesh Babu
                                           Mobile: 9248346843

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cyclone Lehar to cross Andhra Pradesh coast

After cyclone Phailin and cyclone Helen last week, a new severe cyclonic storm, named cyclone Lehar is looming over the southeast Bay of Bengal and is expected to cross Andhra Pradesh coast between Machilipatnam and Kalingapatnam near Kakinada a little after noon on Thursday.

As of now the system is said to be moving westwards with a speed of 15 kmph till evening today, but the system would intensify further and move west-northwestwards. From moderate rains and squally winds at 45-55 km per hour tomorrow, windspeeds could be upto 200 km as the system comes closer.
33 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams are being deployed. There will be 16 teams in East Godavari, six each in Vizag and Krishna and five teams in West Godavari.

With the sea coast expected to be rough, extensive damage to kutcha houses, disruption of communication and power lines, road and rail traffic can be expected. There could be potential threat from flying debris and flooding of escape routes and also extensive damage to agricultural crops, a release issued by the state's disaster commissioner has warned.

Fishermen out at sea along and off Andhra Pradesh have been advised to return to coast. Evacuation from low-lying areas in four districts, Krishna, East and West Godavari and Visakhapatnam, will be undertaken from tomorrow. Special officers have been nominated for the nine coastal districts. Round the clock control rooms at Secretariathave been opened and operating.

The state government has also sought four helicopters from defence secretary to be stationed at Visakhapatnam. Along with the Army and Railways, the Coast Guard, Coastal Security wing, Marine Police, and district police have been alerted.

District Collectors have been asked to ensure adequate supplies of food, drinking water, medicines, fuel in vulnerable areas. Evacuation from low-lying areas could begin tomorrow afternoon. Relief centres are also being opened.
Out of 580 marine villages in nine coastal districts, 529 villages have been contacted so far. Out of 6160 boats that have ventured into sea 5550 boats have returned.

 Excerpt from NDTV 

Friday, 11 October 2013

Cyclone Phailin 'may be worse than Katrina' that hit US in 2005

NEW DELHI: The weather office may be underestimating the severity of a cyclone which is hurtling towards the east coast, a meteorologist warned on Friday, adding that it could be worse than Hurricane Katrina which devastated parts of the United States in 2005.
Cyclone Phailin is forecast to hit the coast between Kalingapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and Paradip in Odisha late on Saturday with a maximum wind speed of 220kmph (135mph), the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said in its latest bulletin.
 However, both London-based Tropical Storm and the US navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Centre forecast winds reaching 315kmph (195mph) on landfall, classifying Phailin as a Category 5 storm — the most powerful .
 "Phailin is already worse than what the IMD is forecasting. A recent satellite estimate put Phailin's current intensity on par with 2005's Hurricane Katrina in the United States," said Eric Holthaus, meteorologist for Quartz, a US-based online magazine which covers global economy-related issues.
 "Everything I know as a meteorologist tells me this is the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane — among the strongest on earth in 2013. That would mean Phailin could be the strongest cyclone ever measured in the Indian Ocean."
 Hurricane Katrina hit the US Gulf coast on August 29, 2005, killing more than 1,800 people, driving 2.16 million from their homes and causing $75 billion of damage.
 Cyclones in the Bay of Bengal are common at this time of year, often causing deaths, mass evacuations of coastal villages, power and telecoms disruptions and widespread damage to crops and property in eastern India and Bangladesh.
 Some experts have compared Phailin with a super cyclone in 1999 that killed 10,000 people when it battered the coast of Odisha with wind speeds reaching 300kmph (185mph).
 Weather authorities were reluctant to make comparisons with Katrina and the 1999 cyclone, dismissing reports that Phailin is half the size of India.
 "It is very difficult to compare two cyclones and their possible impacts. They are different entities and their crossing point along the coast matters a lot. At the same time, there is a resemblance in terms of intensity, so there is some similarity with the 1999 cyclone," IMD director general LS Rathore told a news conference.
 The cyclone is pretty voluminous, but it's not half the size of the country and its radius keeps increasing and decreasing."

Millions affected
 Holthaus said he was not familiar with India's level of disaster preparedness but was concerned that any underestimation of the storm's intensity could put lives at risk.
 "I feel that IMD's underestimate of the strength and impact of this storm is potentially tragic and could catch many millions of people off guard," he said. "Anything short of a full-scale motivation may leave people stranded in flood waters. The highest possible precautions should be taken immediately."
 The cyclone could disrupt the lives of millions, the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) run by the United Nations and the European Commission said.
 "Up to 6.1 million people can be affected by wind speeds of cyclone strength or above. In addition, 47,000 people are living in coastal areas below 5 metres above sea level and can be affected by storm surge," the GDACS website said.
 Authorities began moving thousands of people living along Odisha's coastline to shelters early on Friday, as weather officials warned of extensive damage to homes, power and telecoms disruptions and flooding.
 The local government cancelled workers' holidays during the popular Hindu festival of Dussehra to help prepare for the storm, and the Army, Navy and Air Force have been put on standby for rescue and relief operations.
 Rations are being prepositioned in cyclone shelters, schools and other buildings on higher ground, control rooms set up and fishing suspended.
 Aid workers said the authorities' level of disaster preparedness and early warnings looked satisfactory.
 "There has been a phenomenal change in disaster management in Odisha since the super cyclone in 1999. The action the leadership has taken is exactly what is needed," said Unni Krishnan, head of disaster response for Plan International.
 (An Excerpt from “The Times of India” )

Saturday, 21 September 2013

All set for “Ham Fest India 2013”

The count down has begun! In another few hours, the most awaited event Hamfest India 2013 will start. This time this event going to be very interesting, since this being conducted  in  “Gwalior”  a tourist place many of the  Ham Radio delegates  are planning to visit all the surrounding tourist places. Among them particularly, some south Indian Ham’s are drawing plans to visit tourist places like Agra & Delhi.

It is something like real festival of hams in which many Ham’s & swl’s not only from India but also some from abroad also going to be participated. This year about 450 delegates have paid their registration fees so far. When compare to this number is somewhat less than that of the previous gathering in Chennai but hopefully some more are expected to join by making availability of spot registration.

Stimulating technical sessions and lectures, Exhibition of electronic goods and Participation of international industries like I-com, Kenwood, Motorola, etc are going to be some of the major attractions of this event. Above all, eye ball meetings of individual hams   with are each other are going to add more spice to this exhilarating mega event of Ham Radio.

                           A. Ramesh Babu VU2RDM

       Nostalgic memories of Ham fest India 2012  
With Gopal Madhavan VU2GMN,Chairman of the board of
 Directors of IARU, and OM Prasad VU2ICC

 OM S. Suri VU2MY Chairman,NIAR and
OM Ramana VU3RUV

OM Prasad VU2ICC and OM D. Ramakrishnan VU2DRK
         Ham fest India 2012 Convener 

 OM Charu Hasan VU2SCU and OMThiagarajan VU2PTR

OM P. Subramanyam VU2POG,OM Prasad VU2ICC,
   and OM Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE, BITX 14 MHz Designer
                                         Ham fest India 2011
OM Sabu VU2ELJ,OM Pradeep VU2PEB,
OM Ramakrishna VU3NYD

 OM Mani VU2HSM, OM Guru VU2GUR 
 and OM Ramakrishna VU3NYD

OM Ramakrishna VU3NYD,Sabu VU3ELJ
 and OM Ramcharan VU3JCR

                                      Ham fest India 2010
Venue of Ham fest India 2010 , Pollachi

OM Charu Hasan VU2SCU,& OM Ramakrishna VU3NYD

OM Santhosh VU2OGO

                with Charminar net controller OM Pradeep VU2PEB 
                 and  VU3KET,VU3WJN,VU3NYD,VU2RDM,VU2UTM


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New entrants of Ham Radio in Vijayawada

Group of trainees of “Academy of Ham Radio”, Vijayawada 

We are pleased to inform that the Department of Home affairs has initiated the process of “Police enquiry” which is essential part of awarding Ham Radio License. At about 92 candidates, trainees of “Academy of Ham Radio” who have qualified in the recent Ham Examination   which was held in two prominent Engineering colleges of Vijayawada i.e.,   “VR Siddhartha” and “Dhanekula Institute” are undergoing the process of Police verification.

As it is being on brisk progress, once this process is completed the reports will be submitted back to Wireless planning coordination wing, New Delhi which will enables the candidates to submit the required license fees.  

Also we wanted to share that our previous batch of 45 qualified candidates those who sat for the Ham Radio Examination in Regional Science Centre, Vijayawada, and the candidates of those who completed all the required process are receiving their tickets one by one. Among, some of them have already received their “life time Ham Radio licenses” recently.

With the increasing strength of total   137 new entrants to the existing strength of Ham’s of Vijayawada city of Andhra Pradesh makes it virtually a “Hub of Ham Radio operators”, if the recent trends are any indication.

Ham Radio Operators are being considered to be the national resource and they are potential source of communicators whose services are quiet useful in supplementing the Emergency communication network  at State and National level disasters.

                   A. Ramesh Babu (VU2RDM) 
                                   Contact No: 9248346843  

Monday, 16 September 2013

Ham Radio work shop in Regency Institute of Technology, Yanam

Regency Institute of Technology, Yanam (U.T. of Puducherry), is a premier institute and is  approved by AICTE, New Delhi, affiliated to Pondicherry University – a Central University. The campus of the Institute with its serene, tranquil environment, free from noise and air pollution is an ideal location for an Educational Institution.  The campus lies very close to the confluence of the river Godavari with the Bay of Bengal and it provides an excellent panoramic view. Academy of Ham Radio has been invited by Regency Institute of Technology for conduct of Ham Radio seminars to their students & staff.

          We have been received with warmth   by Dr. K.V.S.Narayana, Principal, Dr. A. Rama Krishna Rao, Dean and the other staff members of the institute. Awareness Programms of Ham Radio were conducted in the spacious conference hall of the institute with the title “Role of Ham Radio in disasters” which attracted one & all. We have launched total 5 sessions in two days on 12th & 13th of September 2013 to cover massive 950 student strength & faculty members of the Institute. 

        At the end it created lot of interest enthusiasm and passion towards this activity, everyone shown interested to become Ham operators which includes non-other than The Principal, Dean and Head of the Department of ECE.

                        A. Ramesh Babu (9248346843)

Warmth welcome by the Principal

VU3NYD is being greeted by the Principal of the college

In Discussion with the Dean & Principal of the college

60 acres spacious campus of the institute 

HOD ECE  of the institute is seen  in the first line along with the students

The demo being attended by the Principal & Dean 

Demo with power point presentation of Ham Radio

Live demo of Ham Radio

VU3NYD is addressing the gathering of students

Seminar is being addressed by the Principal of the Institute

Felicitation by the Principal & Dean

VU3NYD is being felicitated by the Principal, Dean , & HOD, ECE