Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ham Radio lesson to the 9th Class students of Andhra Pradesh

          At last Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced Ham Radio as one of the lesson in the 9th class English text book. Apart from this, a lesson of Disaster Management has been introduced in the same text book. It is welcoming decision that the government has taken to introduce this activities in the school subject.   

   Much earlier, proper stress has been given on the development of  Ham Radio in the countries like United States of America, Britain & Japan and it has being used in those countries as second line of communication in dealing Disasters Management.  “Ham Radio” has been given impetus in those countries from the School level itself to develop this on par with other extracurricular activities.

  After having enough experience at past & present like ongoing Uttarakhanda floods, where Ham Radio has provided vital communication link, Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced ham radio subject in the school syllabus. 

   The following is the total lesson on Ham Radio which was introduced to 9th class students of Andhra Pradesh. 

                        A. Ramesh Babu (9248346843)