Sunday, 29 July 2012

Mr. Srinivas VU3VQF is an active Ham Radio Operator of West Godavari District

Mr. Srinivas VU3VQF is an active Ham Radio Operator who hails from Unagatla of West Godavari District has visited Vijayawada on 29-7-12. Mr. Kedarish VU2JME (Chandana Bros) has taken both of us to his farm house where he has a bird sanctuary on the River bank of Krishna in a spacious 5 acre land. It is a really visual treat for both of us where we could see several types’ of rare foreign birds in one place.

Mr. Kedarish VU2JME’s birds sanctuary on the River bank of Krishna, Vijayawada

Late Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi was an active Ham operator

Late Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi VU2RG was an active Ham Radio operator despite of his busy administration schedules he used to come on Radio frequently. The Photo graph was taken in Vijayawada during 1990 May Cyclone relief Operation. I was quiet fortunate to become the part of the Ham Radio team that was made all arrangements of Rajeev Gandhi’s interaction with other hams on Radio. This is the only one photograph of Rajeev Gandhi with Ham Radio is available so far.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

About filing of your Ham Radio licence application on-line on web-site

All the qualifying candidates are suggested to file your application on-line on web-site upload you required information as soon as you receive the letter. We came to know some of the candidates have already successful in uploading their information through the WPC website. If you find any difficulty in filing your license application you may contact   any time for the guidance. 

List of the Candidates of Ham Radio, Vijayawada who have not received the qualifying letters till today

We came to that some of the candidates of last batch have not received their qualifying latters due to postal delay etc., We are on the process of collecting all such information. We request everyone to help us in our endeavor of making the final list of the candidates who have not received the intimation letter so far. You may call and   intimate any time through my mobile 9248346843 and bring our noitce about such cases. After collecting all the data we shall write to  the concerning officials about this   and thus we will see that every qualified candidate receives his/her later. So, far we came to know the following candidates have not received intimation latter till today.

1.      Alampuru Sirisha
2.       Kolluri Venkata Sundeep
3.       Chanumolu Prasuna