Monday, 17 April 2017

Overwhelming response for Ham Radio Licences

     We are excited by the overwhelming response that is being received from the applicants of Ham Radio for our call to complete the process of submission of documents for Ham license by 19th. Already many applicants have completed the online payment process and are eagerly waiting for the due date.

      I'm pretty sure others also will certainly follow the suit. In this context, a special meeting  shall be organized in the conference hall (Room 207) of S.R.R & C.V.R. Government College, Machavaram, Eluru Road, Vijayawada at 10-00AM on 19 -4 - 2017. 

     We will stay put in the "Meeting Hall" up to 1-00 PM for collecting all the applications. In case, anyone can’t attend the meet because of some urgent preoccupation they can submit their papers through someone like Parents/friends etc.

Arza Ramesh Babu
Training Coordinator
Mobile No: 9248346843

Some of the online payment Receipts

Model Ham Radio Licence

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Meeting of Ham Radio Applicants

I am glad to inform that there is a meeting of the Ham Radio applicants scheduled to be held on 19-04-2017 at 10-00 AM in the Conference hall (Room No. 207) of SRR & CVR Govt. Degree College, Eluru Road, Machavaram, Vijayawada. Ham Radio applicants of Krishna, West Godavari and Nellore districts are exempted from the Police Verification. Applicants of these Districts are requested to complete the online Life time fee (Rs 2000/-) payment process ( and to be ready to submit their application for Ham Radio license in that meeting.
Applicants are requested to submit “Application for Ham Radio License” (Down load from with the following enclosures.


1. Two Pass port size Photographs with name on the on back side.
2. Printout of on line receipt ( Model receipt )for Rs. 2000/-, received through
3. Attested (Signed by Gazetted Officer) copy of Aadhaar card for address Proof of location of Amateur station
4. Attested copy of birth Certificate along with father’s Name.
5. Attested copy of Amateur Radio Result sheet.

Note: Applicants are requested to pay Rs 100/                towards  forwarding & miscellaneous                      expenditure. 

If any information is required you may contact me
A.   Ramesh Babu
Mobile No: 9248346843

Friday, 7 April 2017

Security clearance exempted for applying Ham Radio in some Districts

    I am here with enclosing an official document of Wireless planning & Coordination wing according to which some Districts have been exempted from security clearance  with regard to grant of Ham Radio License. The qualifying candidates of those who belongs the districts mentioned in the list are requested wait till the completion of “Police Inquiry Process”. 

   It’s mandatory for them to wait to get security clearance from the concerned department for applying Grant of Ham Radio license. Others who don’t fall under these Districts can apply for Ham Radio licensee without waiting for the security clearance.

       Ramesh Babu ( 9248346843)

(Mobilen No: 9248346843)

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Step by step procedure to online payment for Ham Radio

Here I am posting one more link which explains step by step How to pay the Licence fee (Rs. 2000/-)

Note: This for "shifting of location of an Amateur station" instead of this you have to select "license fee" and the amount for this Rs.2000/ option.

Important links for Applying for Ham Radio Licence

1. Model Ham Radio License application word file

2. Model Ham Radio License application PDF file

3. Ham Radio License application word file

4. Ham Radio License application PDF file

5.  Payment of Ham Radio License fee through online 

 6. Payment through Bharatkosh step by step link   

 If are having any doubt you may call me A. Ramesh Babu Mobile No: 9248346843

Applying for Ham Radio License

I am glad to inform you that recently Krishna & West Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh have been exempted from the “Police Verification” process by Wireless Planning and co-ordination wing, Government of India with regard to grant of Ham Radio License.  

Hence the candidates from these districts  can submit their applications for the grant of Ham Radio license without waiting for the police verification. Rest of the applicants need to wait for the completion of Police verification process  and have to apply for the license only after getting the clearance from the concerned authorities.

         In this context, I have been in contact with the WPC officials, New Delhi with regard to applying for Ham Radio license. They suggested us to submit all the license applications with relevant documents together in one bunch which enables them to clear all the licenses together.
        I am planning to call a meeting of all the qualifying candidates of these districts for collecting all the applications together.  Those qualifying candidates of Krishna and West Godavari Districts are requested to bring all the relevant documents with them so that all the documents of individual applicants can be forwarded collectively to Wireless Planning & Coordination wing, New Delhi for the grant of Ham Radio License.  The Venue/Date/time shall be intimated to you through the SMS and the same shall be published in this blog.
        I am uploading a model license application for the benefit of all the applicants.  If you are having any doubt/query you may contact me through my mobile 9248346843 any time.

 The following points are to be noted while applying for Ham License

The initial step for this is to complete the process of online payment of Life time Ham Radio license fee (Rs 2000) through

After the successful transaction you will get the Receipt for your payment. You have to submit this receipt printout along with the application for Ham Radio License.

Application for Ham Radio license shall be submitted with the covering letter along with the following documents.

1.     Two Pass port size Photographs with name on the on back side.
2.     Printout of on line receipt, received through
Rs. 2000/-   Transaction Ref. No:                                   Dated:
3.     Attested copy of Aadhaar card for address Proof of location of Amateur station
4.     Attested copy of birth Certificate along with father’s Name.
5.     Attested copy of Amateur Result sheet.

Here it is the model Application for Ham Radio licence  


A. RAmesh Babu
Mobile No: 9248346843

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Procedure to Pay Ham Radio Licence fee

Dear Ham Radio qualifying candidates those who are hailing from Krishna & West Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh (Exempted from Police Verification)  are requested to remit their Life Time Ham Radio licence fee through online and obtain the online Receipt for the same.  Get ready to submit to your application for Ham Radio License along with all the relevant documents.
For the details you can  activate flowing link. If you are having any doubt you may call me (9248346843) any time. Time to time follow the blog for guidelines.  

Procedure to Pay the Ham fees through on line

List of the Candidates of Ham Radio, Vijayawada who have not received the qualifying letters till today

We came to know that some of the candidates  have not received their qualifying letters till today due to postal delay etc., We are on the process of collecting of all such information. We request everyone to help us in our endeavor of making the final list of the candidates who have not received the official Results sheet so far. You may call and intimate any time through my mobile 9248346843 and bring our notice about such cases. After collecting all the data we shall contact the concerning officials about this and thus we will see that every qualified candidate receives his/her document. So, far we came to know the following candidates have not received intimation latter till today.

List of the candidates who have not received Results
Sheet not received as on 04/4/2017

Name of the Candidate
Avula Ramesh
Chirapangi Aruna Kumari
Guntupalli Leela Venkata Sai Rajesh
Barika Durga Bhavani
Kunagu Lakshmi Maheswari
Basavani Yagneswara Rao
Bommidi. Anjaneya Raju
Pinnamaneni Vijaya Lakshmi
Konakalla Maheswara Srinivas
Adari Appala Narasayya

Arza Ramesh Babu
Mobile no: 9248346843

Monday, 3 April 2017

Ham Radio Result Documents dispatched

   Hearty congratulations to those candidates who have appeared & qualified Ham Radio Examination conducted in Potti Sriramulu Chalavadi Mallikharjuna Rao College of Engineering And Technology and SRR & CVR Govt. Degree College, Vijayawada. Out of 76 appeared candidates for Ham Radio Examination, 73 have been declared qualified.

Ham Radio Result sheets have been dispatched to the individual applicants through ordinary post. In case anyone has not received “Result sheet” till now, kindly contact me immediately through my mobile 9248346843. Result Sheet is very important document supposed to be kept along with your records like any other certificate for future needs.

A.     Ramesh Babu, Coordinator

Mobile No(9248346843)