Monday, 29 May 2017

Ham Licences Have been dispatched

Friday, 5 May 2017

38 Ham Licences are on the Way

We are happy to share a piece of information with regard to Ham Radio training sessions conducted through Academy of Ham Radio was a grand success and it provided training with proper guidelines which facilitated many of the students, Professors, lecturers’ and    professionals of various fields, qualifying in the Ham Radio Examination in a big way.

38 candidates were applied for Lifetime Ham Radio License. All the applications were forwarded in one bunch to Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing, New Delhi and we have been informed by the WPC authorities that the licenses shall be awarded and  dispatched in a month time.

Group of Ham Radio Trainees of  PSCMR College of Engineering & Technology
along with the Principal garu , and other faculty members. 
 Along with Dr. Ravi, Principal of the SRR & CVR Government 

Dr. Ravi, Principal of the SRR & CVR Government college who was not only encouraged students & faculty members to take up this activity but also he himself underwent training  and  achieved  success. Our Sincere thanks to Nageswara Rao garu, VU3VQP who is instrumental in bringing the overall success of the entire mission. 

A.   Ramesh Babu

Mobile No: 9248346843