Saturday, 2 June 2012

HAM Radio Communications:

Amateur radio is great electronic hobby. It is the most interesting, educational, technical investigative and rewarding hobby in the world today. Amateur Radio is the personal use and experimentation with radio equipment for local, worldwide and space communications. Radio Amateurs communicate with other Amateurs across town or around the world on special sets of radio frequencies allocated for specific use. Ham’s are legally licensed to talk with any of the other three million amateur’s in more than 300 countries around the world, including Amateurs stationed at the North and South Poles, and even Astronauts as they circle our planet.

Electronics development:
Ham Radio activity provides impetus to the growth of Electronic field. Even though, Japan is small in size, is having more no. Ham Radio operators and become world leader in the field of electronics. After realizing this fact China also started encouraging Ham activity and since then it is also emerging as principle contender and almost equally competing with Japan.

Satellite operation:
Sky is the limit for Ham Radio operators. Ham’s are authorized to make experiments in almost complete Radio Spectrum starting from Medium wave (MF) to Extremely high frequency (EHF). Recently “Hamsat” a satellite dedicated to Amateur Radio operations was launched by ISRO which further boosted the enthusiasm of Ham’s.

Disaster Communications:
Hams, by individual or in groups, extend their helping hand when necessity arises. Ham Radio is a recognized second line of communication. During the occasions of natural calamities like floods, cyclones, earth quakes etc,    when the regular communication set-up fails and nothing worth are left. With the help of ham equipment dependable communication is established and timely help is rendered.

How to become a Ham:
To become a ham one has to pass an examination conducted by the Wireless Planning and Coordination wing of the Department of Telecommunication, Govt. of India. Govt. of India issues necessary license to the successful candidates in the above said examination.

Syllabus for Ham Radio:
Section I: Radio Theory and Practice, Ohm’s Law, resistance in series and parallel, conductance, power and energy, Elementary electricity and magnetism, Elementary theory of alternating currents, Elementary theory and construction of semiconductor devices, Radio receivers, transmitters, aerials,

Section II: Knowledge of International Radio Regulations, Designation of Emissions, Identification of stations, Distress and urgency transmissions, Amateur Stations, Phonetic alphabets and ‘Q’ codes etc.

Setting up the Ham station:
After getting the call sign one has to set up his station. For this one may go for a imported Ham equipment or else can easily build a Ham Radio equipment by using suitable circuits as per his choice.

Ham Radio’ demo’s in the colleges:
Academy of Ham Radio shall organize Ham Radio demo’s specially to the Engineering students to sensitize them about the activity. Hope more students take up this as an active hobby and thus ensuring HAM Radio continues to grow as an ever exciting hobby.

Ham Radio training:
Academy of Ham Radio is chalking out a ambitious plan to conduct special training programms for the benefit of Engineering students according to their convenient time. It plans to conduct Ham Radio workshops through which all the required training/information will be provided in their campus itself.

It’s part of engineering study:
Ham Radio is basically belongs to Electronics and communication field. Since the subjects particularly electronic fundamentals are related to the examination this license is more suitable to the students who are all ready have got enough knowledge of basic fundamentals of Electronics. They can easily qualifies in the examination and thus can become eligible to obtain the license. Academy will do all out whatever, is required to go for examination and guides them once they acquires their license by providing all the required information.

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