Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ham Radio Training in the Engineering Colleges

     Ham Radio as is an Electronics hobby of world-wide communications. This hobby enables people to talk to various ‘Hams’ around the globe my means of a radio.

     To become a Ham Radio operator one has to obtain a licence from the Ministry of Communications, Government of India. To become eligible for getting this licence, one has to get through a simple examination containing test in:
A)     Basic Electronics
B)     Communication procedure on Wireless.

     We shall be conducting a daylong session of Ham Radio on 15-7-2012 to the students of ECE iiird & ivth years of ECE at Regional Science Centre, Bhavanipuram Vijayawada  to help the students to get the licence and make them Hams.

   Those candidates interested to join in this programme may give their names for Registration process on or before 12 - 7- 2012.  More information can be had from A. Ramesh Babu, coordinator, by contacting his Mobile No : 9248346843.

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