Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dr.G. Sambasiva Rao, Principal of the VR Siddhartha Engineering College & Dr.K.Sri Rama Krishna Professor & Head of Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering gave away the “participation certificates of Ham Radio training “to the students. Dr. K. Sri. Rama Krishna HOD also announced that those students who have completed Ham training are eligible to claim one “Academic credit"



  2. vu3nyd receives a mail from Jayu S.Bhide VU2JAU Gwalior

    Good morning to all;
    Congratulations to all of you for doing such a good job by giving training to young people about HAM Radio.
    Well the problem of convincing people is the same everywhere but of course we have to try our best to increase the HAM population otherwise frequencies allotted to HAMs and the getting the licenses becomes difficult.
    I am also giving regular training to students and other people for quite a long time in Gwalior. This time 49 candidates will be appearing in the HAM exam to be held in the 1 week of September 2012. All of them have understood the importance of HAMs and this technology as some of them have adopted major HAM projects in the engineering colleges.
    It all depends how we handle these people and their interest.
    My work of helping and increasing HAM population will continue and hopes that a day will come when the HAM equipment will be easily available in VU land.
    So 73's to all of you and once again wish you will keep the wheel rolling.
    Well by the way I have decided to hold HAM convention 2013 in Gwalior and have started working on it. Hopes you will join me.
    Jayu S.Bhide VU2JAU Gwalior

  3. vu3nyd receives a mail from Gururaj N R VU2GUR

    Nice to hear the news. It is a nice hobby. to learn about the radio technics. Once the students come on this hobby the can get the real
    practical knowledge and experiences for one's self. The problem is some think it is only blah blah or exchange messages between two places.As an engneer if one gets a job on the same line his practical experiences is very narrow. But for amateures it is quite wide from
    LF to GHz. Can come across the practcal knowledge propagation conditions, satellite communications etc...This practical experiences
    make the foundations very strong to their very particular subjects whwhat they have studied. But at the same time not to spend too much of time. There are some other duties too there in the family and
    and for the bread too.It is not true - if u r interested in film hero eg:
    that you can talk to Kamal or a.bachan etc Similarly for the politically
    motivated persons that you can talk to Sonia Gandhi always and get ticket etc HI HI. There are advantages of many varietis depend on their individual capacity .