Sunday, 16 June 2013

 countdown has started for the presentation of Ham Radio Result sheets

in VR Siddartha Engineering College 

     The countdown has started for the presentation of Ham Radio Result sheets to the qualified candidates. We are requesting all the qualified candidates to be available in the AC conference hall of  VR Siddartha Engineering College  on 22-6-13 from 2 pm onwards.  So that we can accomplish, certain formalities prior to the actual schedule programme. 
     We shall present original result sheet to the concerned candidates  and shall keep Photostat copy with us. The qualified candidates are requested to sign on the back side of the Photostat copy of the  result sheet and they should handover it to us. On the back side of the photo stat copy result sheet they have to give details in the following manner.

1.   Signature the Qualified candidate

      Name of the Candidate

      Cell phone No:


     In case if the actual candidate is out of station they can send someone like father/mother/brother/sister/friend for receiving their result sheet.

     In that case the persons who are representing the actual candidate need to give their details in the following manner.

2.    Signature the candidate attending on behalf of qualified candidate 

      Name of the Candidate (Relation with the candidate like Father/brother)

      Cell phone No:


      At the outset we are planning to give you the Photostat copy of your results sheets around 2 pm so that you can give your details as explained aforementioned and hand it us so that we can make arrangements to present your original certificate by the Principal/H0D ECE department as per the schedule programme.   

For any  other information you may contact A. Ramesh Babu, 9248346843

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