Saturday, 14 November 2015

Ham Radio Awareness programme

Ham Radio Awareness programme in “Guntur Engineering College”

We are glad to share with you a brief report on Ham Radio Awareness programme which was conducted in Guntur Engineering College on 29/10/15. Sri D.Ramanna Professor & HOD of ECE took inactive and invited us to their college for conducting Ham Radio Awareness programme.

A lecture cum power point demonstration on ham radio was arranged which was attended by students & faculty members of the college. Ham Radio live demo was arranged which evoked enthusiasm among many of the students.  Different types of Ham Radio communication equipment not only caught fancy of many students but also created enthusiasm among many faculty members which includes the College Chairman Sree M. Nara harirao and the Principle Dr. Brahmaiah.

      A. Ramesh Babu
( Mobile No: 9248346843)

Along with Principle Dr. Brahmaiah Garu and Sri D.Ramanna Garu  HOD of ECE 
 Interacting with the College Chairman Sree M. Nara harirao Garu

Along with the College Chairman Sree M. Nara Harirao Garu

                   Taking part in Ham Radio Awareness programme

Group photo along with the College Chairman Sree M. Nara harirao and Principle Dr. Brahmaiah and other professors and faculty members 

 Principle Dr. Brahmaiah encouraging the students to get Ham Licence.

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