Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I am very happy to share a piece of information that the Ham Radio operators have successfully accomplished the task of connecting all the Important Ghats and key points like bus stand and Railway Station. A team of 70 Ham Radio license holders Engineers, college students, Government Officials, and other professionals belonging to all walks of life were joined together to form a team under the leader ship of Arza Ramesh Babu to give their services voluntarily for Krishna pushkaram Ham Radio Communication network.
Ham Radio control station was established and operated from the Control and command center and it was put into the operation mode on 24X7 basis to handle the live inputs from all the key points. Ham Radio stations have been established in the important like Durga, Krishnaveni, Punnami, Padmavathi, Vijaya Krishna, Bhavani and Gollapudi with the Command and control Center.
There services were utilized in successful manner to handle the different type’s messages relating to pilgrims facilities in the backdrop of huge turnout of Pilgirms who thronged from all the corners of our country. Here under we are furnishing some of the examples.
  In one incident Gollapudi Ghat an old aged person was collapsed due to the sudden heart attack while in the process of performing Pinda Pradanam. Immediately it was communicated to the Control and command center by the alert Ham Radio operator who was moving in the ghats with a small Walky Talkie. It was taken to the notice of Dy District medical and health officer for necessary action who was in the Command and control Center
                According to some information of Ham Radio Operators at Vijayakrishna Ghat there was some problem of pilgrims entering into the river crossing the danger zone due to the lack of proper barricading. The Control room authorities in turn mobilized additional security forces for regulating the rushing pilgrims and fisheries department was asked to mobilize 5 boats to that particular ghat to utilized them as temporary barricading. Later when the entire ghat was polluted by the water entering into the ghat from the upstream ghats and finally when it became inaccessible for pilgrims keeping the dangerous situation in view, authorities were closed the bathing ghat. All the live information was updated to the Control and command center through the Ham Radio network.
                 In Padmavati ghat there were some messages from Ham Radio operators of local pilgrims entering into the bathing ghat along with stray dogs polluting water and causing lot inconvenience to other pilgrims. Ham Radio station reported from the same Ghat that some youth were involved in eve teasing women pilgrims and they were taken to the task by security forces bring immediate relief to the  pilgrims.
                 In some ghats there were reports of vendors spreading rumors and encouraging pilgrims of throwing glass rings into the bathing ghats for making fast business their actions caused inconvenience to the pilgrims by injuring previously. Once after this message from the Alert Ham operator that practice was stopped bringing more respite to the bathing pilgrims.
                 In once incidents the ham reported from the railway station that hundreds of pilgrims were stagnated at railway station for want of Buses. Responding to this RTC authorities rushed 5 empty buses to that area bringing immediate relief to the pilgrims.
                Deployment of Modern Communication Equipment: - Ham Radio operators have deployed their personnel modern equipment like all mode communication which is a single unit capable of functioning in in multi modes like HF, VHF and UHF. These communication equipment’s were having the ability to transmit in the ranges of Global and local. In addition to this they have installed a Repeater on a big tower on the hill top of Gunadala which is 700 feet high. Ham Radio experts interlinked Repeater with the internet using Eco link technology extending communication to Global range making accessible to all the Hams of Vijayawada. They even can access the repeater with a small Walky Talkie and avail the Global communication facility from any corner of the city. This can be easily done by a small handset which is available much cheaper rates than an ordinary mobile phone
The much needed round the clock communication which was provided by the Ham Radio operators were well appreciated by our Chief Minister, officers and pilgrims.
 With Regards,                                              
Yours Faithfully,

(Arza. Ramesh Babu)
Team Coordinator

Mobile No: 9248346843

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