Monday, 17 April 2017

Overwhelming response for Ham Radio Licences

     We are excited by the overwhelming response that is being received from the applicants of Ham Radio for our call to complete the process of submission of documents for Ham license by 19th. Already many applicants have completed the online payment process and are eagerly waiting for the due date.

      I'm pretty sure others also will certainly follow the suit. In this context, a special meeting  shall be organized in the conference hall (Room 207) of S.R.R & C.V.R. Government College, Machavaram, Eluru Road, Vijayawada at 10-00AM on 19 -4 - 2017. 

     We will stay put in the "Meeting Hall" up to 1-00 PM for collecting all the applications. In case, anyone can’t attend the meet because of some urgent preoccupation they can submit their papers through someone like Parents/friends etc.

Arza Ramesh Babu
Training Coordinator
Mobile No: 9248346843

Some of the online payment Receipts

Model Ham Radio Licence

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