Saturday, 21 September 2013

All set for “Ham Fest India 2013”

The count down has begun! In another few hours, the most awaited event Hamfest India 2013 will start. This time this event going to be very interesting, since this being conducted  in  “Gwalior”  a tourist place many of the  Ham Radio delegates  are planning to visit all the surrounding tourist places. Among them particularly, some south Indian Ham’s are drawing plans to visit tourist places like Agra & Delhi.

It is something like real festival of hams in which many Ham’s & swl’s not only from India but also some from abroad also going to be participated. This year about 450 delegates have paid their registration fees so far. When compare to this number is somewhat less than that of the previous gathering in Chennai but hopefully some more are expected to join by making availability of spot registration.

Stimulating technical sessions and lectures, Exhibition of electronic goods and Participation of international industries like I-com, Kenwood, Motorola, etc are going to be some of the major attractions of this event. Above all, eye ball meetings of individual hams   with are each other are going to add more spice to this exhilarating mega event of Ham Radio.

                           A. Ramesh Babu VU2RDM

       Nostalgic memories of Ham fest India 2012  
With Gopal Madhavan VU2GMN,Chairman of the board of
 Directors of IARU, and OM Prasad VU2ICC

 OM S. Suri VU2MY Chairman,NIAR and
OM Ramana VU3RUV

OM Prasad VU2ICC and OM D. Ramakrishnan VU2DRK
         Ham fest India 2012 Convener 

 OM Charu Hasan VU2SCU and OMThiagarajan VU2PTR

OM P. Subramanyam VU2POG,OM Prasad VU2ICC,
   and OM Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE, BITX 14 MHz Designer
                                         Ham fest India 2011
OM Sabu VU2ELJ,OM Pradeep VU2PEB,
OM Ramakrishna VU3NYD

 OM Mani VU2HSM, OM Guru VU2GUR 
 and OM Ramakrishna VU3NYD

OM Ramakrishna VU3NYD,Sabu VU3ELJ
 and OM Ramcharan VU3JCR

                                      Ham fest India 2010
Venue of Ham fest India 2010 , Pollachi

OM Charu Hasan VU2SCU,& OM Ramakrishna VU3NYD

OM Santhosh VU2OGO

                with Charminar net controller OM Pradeep VU2PEB 
                 and  VU3KET,VU3WJN,VU3NYD,VU2RDM,VU2UTM


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