Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New entrants of Ham Radio in Vijayawada

Group of trainees of “Academy of Ham Radio”, Vijayawada 

We are pleased to inform that the Department of Home affairs has initiated the process of “Police enquiry” which is essential part of awarding Ham Radio License. At about 92 candidates, trainees of “Academy of Ham Radio” who have qualified in the recent Ham Examination   which was held in two prominent Engineering colleges of Vijayawada i.e.,   “VR Siddhartha” and “Dhanekula Institute” are undergoing the process of Police verification.

As it is being on brisk progress, once this process is completed the reports will be submitted back to Wireless planning coordination wing, New Delhi which will enables the candidates to submit the required license fees.  

Also we wanted to share that our previous batch of 45 qualified candidates those who sat for the Ham Radio Examination in Regional Science Centre, Vijayawada, and the candidates of those who completed all the required process are receiving their tickets one by one. Among, some of them have already received their “life time Ham Radio licenses” recently.

With the increasing strength of total   137 new entrants to the existing strength of Ham’s of Vijayawada city of Andhra Pradesh makes it virtually a “Hub of Ham Radio operators”, if the recent trends are any indication.

Ham Radio Operators are being considered to be the national resource and they are potential source of communicators whose services are quiet useful in supplementing the Emergency communication network  at State and National level disasters.

                   A. Ramesh Babu (VU2RDM) 
                                   Contact No: 9248346843  


  1. Vijayawada should be Hub of Ham Radio operators in the coming days , Please continue your service to help the people at the time of any national calamity strikes


  2. Thank you Sridhar... for your encouraging word....Ramesh (VU2RDM)