Friday, 12 February 2016

Ham Radio communications in International Fleet Review 2016.

I am very happy to inform you that the Ham Radio operators were entrusted the ambitious task of providing communication network in all key points of Vishkapatanam, Inidia, on the eve of International Fleet Review, 2016 by the District Administration. Arza Ramesh Babu, a Ham Radio operator from Vijayawada a city from Andhrapradesh, India came forward to shoulder this herculean task of mobilizing Ham Radio operators of Andhra and Telangana to take part in this prestigious event. He personally contacted all the active Ham Radio operators of both the states of Andhra and Telangana and constituted an IRF Ham Radio expert team with the 23 members of those who agreed to participate in this International event along with their personnel equipment. A. Ramesh Babu was made coordinator for the entire Ham Radio team by the Vishka Collector who was also the convener of IFR 2016.

The IFR Ham Radio Communication team reached Vishakapatnam on 4th of this month, using different modes of transport from various destinations. They carried with them all the necessary equipment’s like HF, VHF, Repeater, Software Defined Radio’s, Antennas and Batteries. The members have established Ham Radio communications link in the 11 key points identified by the District Administration. A Ham Radio control room was established in Command control and it was operated by Mr. A. Ramesh Babu and Mr. Sivaramaprasad on round the clock basis. In other important points like Airport, Viswa priya Function Hall, IFR Village, Government Circuit house were maned by the city Ham operators like Mr. T. Nageswara rao, who works as English lecturer in SRR& CVR Government College, G. Hemantharaj of Indian Railways, P. Subramanyam of Vijayawada police Department, K.S.L Bapuji who works in Agricultural department and Mr. Purushottam who is the in charge of Ham Radio station in Machilipatnam Collector’s office.

The amount of high expectations, with which this prestigious work was entrusted by the District administration to the Ham Radio operators  which made the entire Ham Radio team more rigid and committed, to accomplish this herculean task successfully.

A Ham Radio Demo was conducted in which SP Police Communications was contacted Mr. Appaji, of USA through a VHF base equipment using Eco link system. It reinforced their enthusiasm and expectations on this activity when we explained how the modern technologies that are being used and developed by hams like Eco link, Software Defined Radio system and so on. This occasion was utilized successfully to showcase new technologies that are being continuously updated by the tireless efforts of the Ham Radio operators who are scattered around the Globe. They explained officials, how ham Radio operators are contributing themselves in the field of electronics and their continuous innovative thoughts and efforts which eventually make it possible to build their own software radios in a much lesser cost than an ordinary cell phone.   

They felt surprise to how an ordinary wacky talky makes it possible to access global communication through Eco link system in which both wireless and internet technologies are combinedly used. Mrs. Lakshmi, SP Communications along with senior officials personally inspected the Ham Radio Antenna systems and enquired about the technologies that are being used by Ham’s normally in the times of Emergencies and in other activites. It’s like a unified individual committed ham Radio operators combined effort, like a Military operation in which every ham operator worked almost like a committed soldier scarifying their personnel comforts to make this event as a grand success.

It was brought good name and laurels to entire Ham community. It has enhanced the confidence levels of the induvial hams and entire programme was like a refreshing exercise to sharpen their communication skills for the upcoming Krishna Maha Pushkaram which is to be conducted in a Grandeur manner in the capital areas of both the twin cities Vijayawada and Guntur.All stations were established and operated, by the Ham Radio operators who came from length and breadth of both the Telugu speaking states in the locations identified by the District administration.  All operators were returned to their destinations safely by 10th. Good work done by the team received well appreciations and encomiums from the officers and as well from the public. Our entire operation created enthusiasm not only among the common public but many officers who were on duty were also so impressed and they also started enquires to obtain more details about the procedure to be followed to get Ham Radio license to jump onto the Bandwagon of future Ham Radio activities.

With Regards,         
Yours Friendly,

(A.Ramesh Babu)
Ham Radio Team Coordinator

Mobile No: 9248346843


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