Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Team effort resulted in Good success in IFR 2016

    I am very happy to share with my friends that the individual Hams who came from length and breadth of the two Telugu speaking states Andhra & Telangana that contributed the successful operation in International Fleet Review 2016.

The duo Mr. Ramesh VU3FTP and Mr. Suresh VU2IPL played a pivotal role and Ramesh was in camouflage attire really worked like commander and speeded up entire operation by inspiring all the team members. In fact the Antenna analyzer which was being brought by Mr. Suresh VU2IPL was the instrumental in bringing down the SWR to minimum level, making the entire erecting Antenna job easy and both helped in erecting HF antennas in many Stations. Both of them were fully equipped and prepared for everything.

When I have received a message from the Police Commissionerate, Vishkapatnam at midnight for setting up two more new stations that is in Park hotel & Naval canteen. In fact I was very much worried and skeptical about this task and I was simply forwarded message to both of them. In fact Mr. Ramesh was so dynamic, committed man, he expressed his readiness to accomplish this task immediately in the midnight itself. Both of them plunged in to the field and the entire job was finished by morning 10AM itself. That was the speed; with which both of them were contributed was the main reason for the successful operation of this event. His mobile vehicle in which all the equipment was being brought, was a major attraction and it was triggered enthusiasm among many passersby and several of them made enquiries about this noble hobby.

The saga of successful operation of Ham Radio on the Eve of International  Fleet Review would not be completed fully, if there is no mention about the contribution of Nellore hams who stay put on the hill top of Kailasagiri scarifying all the personnel comforts, where the temporary HAM Repeater was installed. Really they played a key role by providing 24x7 uninterrupted services and really their service was the key to turn this operation into a major success.

In the last day when there was some problem because of continuous operation which resulted in producing enormous heat of the repeater transmitter side and it was started blinking causing interruptions in the operation which caused some anxious movements for the entire team, but it was immediately managed and set it all right by the cautious Nellore Ham’s.

Thanks to the Mr. Sarathi VU2NVU and his colleagues  like V.V. Prasanna Kumar, VU3OER, Beedavasu VU3VAY Sd Mabhoob Basha VU2XMB and the SWL Balachander Kolluru SWL who carried massive equipment all the way from Nellore braving all the odds, for this purpose.

We should be thankful to OM Venu Gopal VU3BAO for providing an accommodation to six of the team members in his centrally located spacious house. Rest of the members adjusted in different places according to their convenient. In fact he welcomed all the team to take shelter in his vacant house which was so big really, that can accommodate entire team.
It was really coordinated team effort put forward by all the members worked in unison which resulted into a big success. Thanks Ramu garu VU2RMU for providing revolutionary technology, “Eco link facility” for turning virtually, a walky talky into a Global Radio which was monitored by several Senior Police Officials and it was become a cause of prestige to the whole Ham Community.   Other Ham’s like Veluru Sivaram Prasad VU2ICC, P. Subahmanyam VU2POG, A. Srinivasa Rao VU3ATK, L.V. Srinivas VU2DFB, G. Hemantha Raju VU2HRY, G. Sudheer Raju VU3ESI, K.S.L. BaPuji VU3KET, T. Nageeswara Rao VU3VQP, P. Pursuhotham, VU2UTM, B. Santha Ratnam VU2RQS, Viswanath VU3KVF, V.S.S. Rama Krishana Prasad, VU3NYD and the SWL Teja, who carried their personnel equipment and did a commendable job which resulted in grate grand success of this operation.

And the last but least, all the paper work was successfully accomplished by OM Sarath VU3WJN, which led to relieving of hams from their respective Departments to take part in this event, which is considered to be instrumental in utilizing ham services in this operation. He succeeded in getting the permission, in time from the Wireless Planning and coordination wing, New Delhi for this entire operation initially investing his Personnel money.

 Special Thanks to OM Chandana Kedarish VU2JME for encouraging us by providing banners for this operation. Thanks to all those Hams and SWL’S for the continuous support and help in many ways.

A. Ramesh Babu, VU2RDM
Ham Radio Team coordinator,
Mobile No: 9248346843


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